Sleep Disorders

CBD and Sleep

Most often sleep problems are related to stress or pain. Then there is the chronic issue of insomnia which can negatively impact one’s daily life. Lower energy levels, irritation, memory problems and focus can be just some of the problems with a sleeping disorder.
Sleep is often under appreciated. Recommended hours of sleep run 7 to 8 hours a night, but some people can fully function on only 6. Occasionally everyone will have trouble sleeping and experience fatigue the next day. But if the lack of sleep continues, long term problems can occur. Sleep is needed for recovery and for restoring energy to the body. When sleeping, muscles relax which lowers brainwaves’, heartbeat and breathing.
Most sleeping problems can be associated with:

  • Stress and Worries
  • Chronic Pain
  • Neurological Disorders like Epilepsy or Parkinson’s Disease
  • Disturbances, Imbalances or Changes in the Endocrine System
  • Work Shift Changes or Caffeine Intake
  • Jet Lag
  • Side Effects of Prescription Medications or Procedures

How CBD Works to Relieve Sleep Disorders

Sleep is divided into multiple cycles with different phases. Studies have shown that CBD influences the dopamine levels in the bloodstream during sleep which leads to a better and more relaxed sleep.
People with an irregular sleeping pattern may be helped by CBD with an improved night’s rest to help ward off chronic fatigue.

CBD has the ability to reduce anxiety, stress and worries, which can be helpful in reducing sleep disorders. It also may reduce and relieve pain that interrupts sleeping cycles. In neurological disorders like PTSD, shortening the REM cycle of sleep may help to improve sleep abnormalities.

Dosing Thoughts

Research studies have used doses from 15 milligrams(mg) to as high as 600mg. Typical CBD supplements provide 20mg to 25mg of CBD. It is suggested that doses of 20mg to 60mg work best for anxiety sleep issues. High doses in the 100mg to 150mg range tend to be more sedative-like.
It has been suggested starting with a dose of 20mg to 25mg of CBD. This should sufficiently reduce most anxiety and stress related to insomnia. Increase your dose in stages if you find that you don’t sleep through the night.

May we suggest trying one of our CUBED Hemp based CBD Tinctures. Available in 1200mg or 3600mg concentrations, mixed with our exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy or NYS-sourced sunflower seed oil. Our Graduated Sprayer makes it simple to dose properly.

If you are using CBD for pain relief, consider using your daily dose to help reduce your pain while sleeping. You can dial back your dose if you sleep through the night as you are not as active and require less of a dosage to fight your pain. Consider taking a dose of 160mg if you are looking to CBD as a sedative.
You may require a higher dose that will require you to take multiple droppers of tincture. If so, contact our Customer Service Department and ask about Custom Tinctures. Our lab can create a higher dose concentrated tincture to make administering easier

Medical Disclaimer: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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