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CBD Is For Pets Too!

Your Pets and CBD

Because your pets are an important part of your life, there is a significant amount of information that should be examined to fully understand the proper use of CBD supplements with animals. Early research (1) shows positive results regarding the use of CBD on animals. Many people are already providing CBD to their pets; their testimonials are suggesting that CBD is capable of fostering many health benefits.

CBD and Pet Conditions

Pets suffer from a variety conditions. Here is a short list of conditions CDB has been linked to possibly help your pet.

Veterinarian Findings

Veterinarians have found CBD products may be beneficial in the therapeutic aid of acute ailments such as torn ligaments, strains and sprains, as well as bone breaks. CBD has also shown to be supportive in the provision of post-operative care, including a reduction of pain, stiffness, and swelling.



(1) Cornell University Study: Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs –   

Lets Talk About CBD For Pets

One thing that is very important to consider when choosing a CBD treatment for your pet, is that all products are not created equal. Some products can be dangerous to your pet; in particular, products that contain large quantities of THC. Just like chocolate, raisins and coffee, you NEVER want to give your pet THC based products. THC based products have psychoactive properties that can make your pet “high”; causing extreme stress, confusion and other conditions. Our products DO NOT contain harmful THC. If your pet is presently on conventional medication , CBD may make it possible to lower the doses, while achieving a better therapeutic effect. This will help in reducing the side effects of prescribed drugs.

Types of Pet CBD

There are several ways CBD products are developed for pets. A number of products are made using the Hemp Plant as its main ingredient. Although new Hemp varietals contain very rich strains of CBD content, ingestion in this form simply isn’t effective. Unless your pet is a “grazer” like a horse or a cow, most pets do not possess the means to efficiently extract all the therapeutic properties. They might show relief, but a considerable amount of Hemp would have to be ingested to compare to a good CBD tincture.

Hemp Oil is an improvement on the basic Hemp plant. The oil comes from the seeds of the Hemp plant. CBD is just one of the essential oils that can be extracted from the plant. Unfortunately the oils can be low in active CBD content and unless the product states exactly what amount is active, you have no idea of the dose needed. Active CBD content can vary from 20% to 80%. A CBD rich tincture provides the largest quantity of available CBD in the smallest amount of product ingested. Our Hemp based CBD isolate is extracted from non-GMO crops. These plants are grown without pesticides using a proprietary Hydrocarbon extraction process. When combined in our products, this CBD is a highly pure and efficient way to possibly obtain the benefits.

We create a healthy dietary supplement, designed to help promote the wellness of our furry (or hairless) best friends.

With many options in pet products containing CBD, it is important that you are aware of a product’s specific CBD content. This information is critical in determining dosing.

Proper Dosing For Pets

Our thoughts……. Just like other herbal medicines, CBD may not have an immediate effect on your pet. This means you must be patient with your pet and be aware of sudden and subtle changes in their behavior. There could be some relief fro​​​​m pain within a few hours, but symptoms of conditions like inflammation can take days for improvement to be seen. Remember pets do not understand a placebo effect so you should notice changes in your pets well being.

Always start with a small amount of CBD for your pet as you introduce it into their diets. As a natural product, CBD tincture doesn’t have any adverse effects. There have been no known overdoses. Large amounts may make your pet lethargic; a tough one to spot for some cat owners.

                              If you have ever tried to give a pill to a nervous pet you know that administering can be a chore.

The best way to use our dosed pump sprayer to place the tincture under the animal’s tongue and hold their mouth closed for several seconds. This will be the best transfer of the CBD. If you find this troublesome, spray the dose onto a treat and give it to your pet. Try not to administer in your pet’s food, or close to their feeding time, as the dosage is lessened when taken through the digestive system.

It is very important to patiently administer a CBD program. We provide the following chart as a suggestion for dosing. It is based on the weight of the animal being treated. We suggest to start with a low dose and work up to a dose that you feel is appropriate for your pet. It is also advisable to consult with a veterinarian familiar with CBD, before starting any health related supplement.

Suggested Pet Dosing Chart

Pet WeightDose Type Suggested DosePet 120mg TincturePet 360mg Tincture
Low Dose.5mg1 Pump
Less Than 20lbsMedium Dose1.0mg2 Pumps
High Dose1.5mg3Pumps1 Pump
Low Dose1.5mg3 Pump1 Pump
20lbs to 60lbsMedium Dose2.0mg4 Pumps1-1/2 Pump
High Dose3.0mg6 Pumps2 Pump
Low Dose3.0mg---------2 Pump
More Than 60lbsMedium Dose4.5mg----------3 Pump
High Dose6.0mg----------4 Pump