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    Single- Pet Skin and Wound Care

    CBD is not just for humans, but for PETs too. Our SKIN & WOUND Pet Topical contains an all natural base of healing compounds combined with the amazing properties of hemp based CBD that is non-toxic and non-hallucinogenic. Whether a skin allergy or a chronic skin disease, CBD is showing great promise promoting healthy skin growth. Plus, used as a massage topical, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD might help with your pet’s muscle and joint pain. So being used on skin distress, muscle and joint pain or to promote the healing of lacerated skin due to an accident or surgery, CBD based topical may be your pet’s best ally to recovery. Consider using CBD based pet tinctures for your pet’s other medical problems.


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    Our CUBED Naturals PET Tincture are available in 120mg and 360mg formulations. The tinctures use a dosed spray applicator. Each pump on the head supplies a .25ml dose giving .5mg of CBD from the 120mg tincture and 1.5mg of CBD from the 360mg tincture. Each is in a two ounce (60ml) sized bottle and the base of tincture is 100% natural, artisan Sunflower Seed Oil from the New York Hudson Valley. Added is pure third party tested CBD Isolate. Our Isolate is THC free, Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Food Grade, Kosher. CBD is New York State sourced.

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