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Hopefully We are Helping Your Pain or Anxiety…. Now Let’s Help Your Wallet!

We are excited to offer a unique MEMBERS PROGRAM along with a special REWARDS PROGRAM. We hope these will create added value and allow us to keep you up to date with all the changes, both positive and negative, that we are seeing daily as CBD is becoming a mainstream supplement

Check Out Our Members Program

Why become a member? It’s Free! But also with membership you will immediately receive a 10% discount, site wide, on any of your purchases. We do this, as we hope to be an informative guide to all things CBD and your membership offers us a means to communicate with you. Sign up online or in store for imediate savings. SIGN UP TODAY! 

Member BenefitsMembersGold Members **
Discounted Savings Off MSRP 10%10% + 5%
Shipping and HandlingSTDFREE
Free Rewards ProgramYESYES
Advance Notice of New ProductsYESYES
Advance Availability of New ProductsYESYES
Advance Availability of Sale and Discontinued ProductsYESYES
News and Happenings Affecting the Use of CBDYESYES
Reorder E-mail Reminder (When Requested)YESYES
Accelerated Easy Order ProcessYESYES
2 Points per every $1 spent in your Rewards ProgramYES
Free Samples and Test ProductsYES
Concierge E-Mail AddressYES
Convenient Recurring Subscription of Your ProductsYES
** Gold Members program requires subscription. See program rules.Program RulesProgram Rules

** Shipping and Tax is not applicable towards rewards points

Yes, You Get Points Also

As a member of our program, you will be able to obtain BENEFIT POINTS with most interactions as you see how CBD and working with the CBD Supply.Store might enrich your life. From simply purchasing, to helping us spread the word, we would like to thank you for your patronage. Check out the ways to get BENEFIT POINTS and how to claim them below. Also keep tuned to our social media pages for additional chances to gain points.

How To Earn Reward Points
1 PointFor Every $1 of Purchase.*
50 PointsPosting a Review or Testimonial
2 PointsAn opened "Share Us" on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin
50 PointsJoining The Club
50 PointsInvite a Friend to Join and get 2 points for every $10 purchased on their first order

** Shipping and Tax is not applicable towards rewards points

Redeeming Reward Points Is Very Simple. 

After logging in into your account on the main page, you will be taken to a SPECIAL MEMBERS PAGE. From there, you can quick link to order products, check your account or see the latest CBD news. But there you will also find a section with your points balance and a list of available rewards you have earned. Just click your choice and the reward will automatically be sent to your cart. It’s that simple. 

Points Rewards
500 PointsFree CUBED Lip Balm
250 PointsFree Shipping Coupon
1000 Points$10 Off Your Order Coupon
2500 Points$25 Off Your Order Coupon
3500 Points20% Off Your Order Coupon

Program Rules

  • The CBD Supply Store rewards program and membership are free programs.
  • You must be a member in good standing to receive discounts and maintain points in the program.
  • All points and rewards are as published on our website and are subject to change or modification without notice.
  • Gold Membership requires that the member be part of our Subscription Program. Under this program the Gold Member will be automatically billed and shipped CBD products as arraigned in advance. If needed this arraignment can be modified, with advanced notice, by contacting our office.
  • Points and discounts can only be redeemed through the CBD Supply.Store website, Our store or though a recognized representative.
  • Coupons have no monetary trade value other than the discounts, credits or products shown.
  • Only one reward can be redeemed per order.
  • This program is subject to our published Disclaimer and Terms of Service